Rock thrown at Skaha Lake Park

In your mind’s eye, imagine what it takes to build a new house after land has been secured.

There needs to be an approved plan for the building. There needs to be a materials list. The site has to be prepared and ancillary services and jobbers put in place.

As time goes on, the house is at lock-up stage with doors and windows in. Soon the interior is finished and the house waits for final approval before occupancy.

Soon a family moves into a pristine dwelling and gets on with life and day to day activities.

But wait! Not long after moving in there is a clunk sound on a large picture window. There is a small hole where a projectile has damaged the glass. A replacement is required. Soon it is done.

But wait! Not long after the repair there is another window problem with the same window. Through the night a large projectile has damaged the integrity of that window. Vandalism strikes again! Once again, the window is replaced.

Right now, you are asking yourself, “Where the (expletive deleted) is this going?”

The Skaha Lake Park scenario is somewhat akin to building a house. The property was secured. Plans for development were drawn up, approved and implemented.

Development took place, trees were planted, playground equipment added, sidewalks and landscaping done, ancillary buildings erected and finally a park dedication.

The park has been appreciated and well used by locals and tourists alike from the period of dedication until the present.

As of late, city council has thrown a small rock at this window by allowing a private investor access to a “small” portion of this pristine park.

Unlike the window, it cannot be replaced once allocated for other use. Who’s to say this window won’t be made larger than is suggested?

Once damaged, it cannot be replaced or returned to what it once was unlike the window of the house that can be replaced as many times as needed without compromising the integrity of the dwelling.

Vandalism at its worst, you might think!

Penticton city council has through self-aggrandizing actions and ignorance of people’s wishes, thrown a rock through the natural park window that once damaged like this, cannot be replaced. The shame of it all!

It is a shame — no — a crime when vanity supplants common sense.

Ron Barillaro, Penticton