Road and school were removed

Dear Editor:

I have numerous questions regarding Trio and Skaha Park, none of which has been properly answered.

1. Why have the minutes of all meetings between the City Council and Trio not been released?

2. How many priceless trees will be removed and how many will Trio plant and when?

3. With a bigger marina this will increase the amount of oil slick on the water in front of Skaha Beach. What is City Council going to do with this problem?

4.  What are Trio going to do with regards to the marsh? Has Trio asked Ducks Unlimited for their opinion about how to deal with this problem?

5. Did Council or the mayor go to the existing water park and ask the kids if they thought the water park  is good enough for them?  Whoops, silly me, I forgot they do not have a vote.

6.  Since much of the work over the past few years has been done by donation from various city groups, like the Rotary Club, TD Bank and so on, will the City have to pay these groups for their loss investment?

7.  I am sorry to hear that all seven council members have had a serious bout of laryngitis and have not been able to give their reasoning why they voted in favour of the water slide.  Why is the mayor the spokes person for Trio when he is supposed to represent all people of Penticton?  Strange that not one of the three people behind Trio are  speaking up for themselves.

I have so many more questions that need answers but I will add one more point.

The mayor has a sense of humour. He is calling for a committee to be form to study the future of parks in Penticton. Guess what? City Council of the day did that about 40 years ago, what you see today is what they accomplished.

Beach Road and the small school  were removed.  Trees were planted and now some will be torn down. And Beach Road is being put back for cars for the enlarged parking lot, which is not wanted or needed.

I have never heard of any business offering potential clients 40-year leases.  This is bad business and makes no sense.

It is a very sad day for Penticton when the elected City Council cannot listen to what its citizens want. A referendum is badly needed.  Without one there is going to be nothing but continued conflict for the next three years.

Brian Merriam