Return park to we the people

Dear Editor:

Waterslides have a proven history in Penticton.  They don’t work!   The season is too short and the

operational costs are too high!

Two of these ventures were tried and both of them failed.

Given the above, why would three intelligent men plus  all of city council think this would work now and be a viable venture?

I fear there could be an ulterior motive. This is prime land that would be completely under-utilized most of the year.

So how could this land be utilized to its full potential? I imagine there are several uses it could be put to but the one I can foresee is a tall condo!

I realize that this would create a hell of a controversy, but Trio has a track record of getting what it wants from this council. And if a condo was erected, do you think it would be removed at the end of its 29 year lease?

This has to stop now and “our” park has to be returned to “we the people.”

 Bob Tait