Replace the marina with a boat launch

We the citizens of Penticton want no commercialization of the parks, any park… and especially the crown jewel Skaha Lake Park.

Skaha Lake is a very small lake. It is the final passage of the returning salmon. The Okanagan Nation did not invest $10 million in the hatchery to have the environment destroyed. The marina is there, the boat slips need major upgrading. My preferred option is to launch and remove the boats on a daily basis, on that small lake. And there are many options and methods for that style of launch. We have the knowledge to do so.

Having been a lifelong boater, that marina is already too large for that small lake. To even have a marina that Trio is proposing 60 to 100 slips. Leaking fuel, oil, etc. It’s ridiculous !

If the marina stays (in my mind it should not) then there should be no larger footprint allowed that it has within the fence line existing in 2015. Nothing extra.

There are many hurdles to overcome, the town folk are totally (79 per cent according to Oraclepoll commissioned by The Herald) opposed to any commercial development taking place in any park. Least of all Skaha Lake Park!

We can easily see this being an election issue in 2018… and we all know that.

What part of the massive outpouring of signatures and petitions, protests, surveys doesn’t this council and senior staff understand?

We the citizens of Penticton want no part of the Trio in our parks, not anywhere, None!

What pot of gold awaits the council, and town management for them to be so determined to carry on with this fiasco and Trio?

Georges & Cheryl Jansen