Remembering Eckhardt Avenue

Dear Editor:

Let’s take the Ekhardt Ave dormitory fiasco for example.

Someone wants to buy your house but wants some renovations done before they move in. So they come in and do $80,000 worth of renovations without you signing over the title of ownership.

After they, the potential buyer, has finished the renovations you discover they don’t have the money to pay for the renovations or the money to buy your house!  Guess who’s stuck with the $80,000, yes you who still holds the title to the property.  The dormitory fiasco on Ekhardt Ave. cost you and I the taxpayer plenty because this is basically what happened.

The council allowed the work to be done on city property without the transfer of title!  Please don’t lose site of the fact that someone at City Hall allowed the work to continue on the dormitories after there was a stop work order placed on the site!

I certainly intend to go to the court hearing when it finally gets there.

Now the mayor has signed the Skaha lease agreement with Trio, now Trio has to go out and get financial backing from the banks to honour the agreement.

Well the analogy to this deal is like you signing the papers for the transfer of title of your house without having been paid for your house.  But guess who now owns your house? Right, the person who you allowed to sign the transfer of ownership, who realistically and legally could argue your house is now their house so you have to move out!  Yes you were foolish enough to sign it over to them without payment.

The mayor has now announced that he has signed the lease with Trio without having them provide any financial backing/security or having them provide any detailed drawings of what they intend to construct with their signed 30-plus year lease in Skaha Park!

Do these analogies paint a clearer picture of how City Hall has been run these past six years and how much this poor administration is going to cost the city?

Jake Kimberley