Referendum true indicator

Dear Editor:

Mr. Mayor, you say that democracy should be in the driver’s seat. Well the only way to do that in terms of the waterslide park is to put it to the people in a binding referendum.

The fact that a crowd of well over 500 people turned out to a rally with the vast majority protesting against the plan, that a petition with more than 1,400 signatures (and growing) exists, shows beyond any doubt whatsoever that this council does not have the support of significant percentage of the people of Penticton.

The “we hear you but we are going to ignore you” argument is a slap in the face of democratic ideals based on these numbers.  As a result, the only true and real  way to put democracy “in the driver’s seat” with this divisive fiasco is a referendum! It could not be more evident and plain.  The people of Penticton are speaking and deserve the right to determine the future of their park, not the politicians.

One other thing.

To those who say this is about stopping a waterslide park, you could not be more wrong.  It is about the destruction of a significant section of a beautiful park owned by the people of Penticton.  Go ahead and build a waterslide, but not in our park.  The park belongs to the people of Penticton and we must have a say in what happens to it. It does not belong to the mayor and council to do with as they alone wish!

I urge all people who believe a referendum should be the means by which this debacle is decided, to e-mail the mayor and council demanding that a referendum be held on the issue.

That is the real definition of democracy being “in the driver’s seat.” Seven people making a binding decision for everyone on their own when there is so much opposition is the exact antithesis of democracy being in the driver’s seat.

Duane Martin