Record for boondoggles

Dear Editor:

I can hear it now… Ron Barillaro is at it again! Damn straight I am!

Do some sleuthing of municipal politics and councils around B.C. and run comparisons as to efficacy of those and then our own council.

Really there is no comparison.

True there are issues that other councils have to deal with I’m sure. However, there is probably no council that has as many boondoggles or debacles as our own illustrious Penticton city council. Wow! What a distinction!

Sued twice for various reasons and not owning up to any of them. The old ostrich with its head in the sand ploy.

Robert Frost said it best in his poem, “Stopping by Woods.” Quote: “But I have promises to keep and Miles to go before I sleep.” Too bad mayor and council don’t take this to heart. They have not kept their promises of accountability; fiscal responsibility or openness as promised.

In reality, they don’t have miles to go before they sleep — do they?

I don’t know about you but I am somewhat tired of the mayor’s banal assertions that council is working on these problem areas so as to bring them to a close that will satisfy everyone.

First of all, what type of closure is he referring to and how will it be arrived at? He makes no mention of what he would do to facilitate closure without litigation.

Secondly, he doesn’t seem to realize that there will never be 100 per cent satisfaction.

Thirdly, the more he states that something is being worked on, the more I think he should run for president of Buckerfield’s fertilizer in the bagging division!

Ron Barillaro