Reasons for referendum

Dear Editor:

I think that the only sure and certain reason we are not having a referendum on the waterslide park issue is that the outcome will result in the proposal being defeated. City Council, the Trio group and our Chamber of Commerce understand this very well. Apparently nothing whatsoever is being heard by them unless it is something in favour of the proposal.

A catch phrase seems to be that the park is being underutilized as it is. Council chambers in City Hall could, with some justification, be placed in this category. Maybe they should be better utilized, something like an amusement arcade will surely draw more tourists to Penticton.

We already have Ashton’s Folly on Eckhart Ave. as a unique must-see place. In the future we may have a  windblown pile of plastic pipes and tubes in Skaha Lake Park we can also add to Penticton’s attractions. Jakubeit’s Folly wouldn’t be a bad name for it.

John McLeod