Real world far different

Dear Editor:

City council stepped into a pile of “doo doo” when they voted to give away a portion of Skaha Lake Park to a for-profit company to construct a waterslide without consulting the owners of the park, that being the residents of Penticton.

When a wise person steps into said “doo doo,” he/she cleans if off as soon as possible to avoid spreading an odious stench. However, despite overwhelming appeals from the property owners’ who are also their employer, to abort the water slide project, six of the seven members on city council insist on “moving forward” with the unwanted waterslides on park land.

What does an employer do with an employee that does not have the common sense to remove the offending “doo doo” when asked to do so?

In the real world, it would be prompt dismissal, but in the political world, barring recall or resignation, it would be dismissal at the end of their elected term. In the interim, we can only hope that they will not step in further “doo doo” causing more discomfort or monetary loss for their employer.

Claude Bergman