Rally the troops

Pursuant to Section 1021(1)(b) of the local government act, I am registering a complaint about the actions of the council of the City of Penticton in removing parkland in Skaha Park in Penticton and proposing to lease it to a private developer for a waterslide park.

This parkland was purchased at great expanse over many years and has now developed into a major park in the city, with thousands of users in the summer months and even in the winter hundreds of people use this park on a daily basis.

The proposal by city council will destroy trees and grass areas, eliminate a free boat launch, brutalize the scenic appeal of Skaha Park.

The council has stated that it will receive a paltry sum of money for the desecration of this park to purchase other park land.

However, it is difficult to fathom why they would want to dispose of an existing waterfront park on one of the prime beaches in SuperNatural BC to put in a commercial venture that will deny access to a wonderful recreation site, to local residents and visitors from around the world.

At a public meeting, hundreds of citizens objected to this action in person, by letter and by petition.

It simply does not make sense to destroy trees and park to replace it with a fenced, concrete waterslide park that will be unaffordable to many visitors.

I am requesting that you immediately initiate an inquire into this action by the City of Penticton with the view to stopping the destruction of the park before action is taken.

Although I am but one citizen in this city, there are hundreds of others who would join me in making this request if there was sufficient time to rally the troops.

Philip D. Cove