Rainbow colours over waterslide

Dear Editor:

Re: Letters to the editor page of Aug. 25 in particular “Summerland vs. Penticton council” submitted by Doug Sharpe, resident of Summerland and former executive assistant to Okanagan Coquihalla MP Stockwell Day.

I have no idea what Doug was thinking when he was writing.

Presently  Andrew Jakubeit offers doom and gloom as he and his council are set to replace the green and much-envied colours that shine constantly over this beautiful park.

I guess Doug hasn’t heard of the one track mind possessed by Penticton  Mayor Jakubeit and his determination to defy and ignore so many residents opposed to building waterslides in their beautiful Skaha Lake Park. (Notice my choice of words when I say, “their park.”) There is no bluebird on  the windowsill of Mayor Jakubeit but perhaps a visit by a seagull or pigeon has left a calling card?

A rainbow coloured road crossing in Summerland versus a commercial waterslide in a beautiful park in Penticton is a ridiculous comparison.

Tom Isherwood