Quoting from City website

Dear Editor:

First I would like to thank all the volunteers and supporters and organizers at this month’s rally… great team effort.

We now have well over 3,000 resident signatures and pushing 1,000 non-resident/tourist signatures. Volunteers will be at the park, near the splash area nightly from 5 – 7 p.m., as well as Elvena Slump with her recall petition.

I  myself am surprised at how many tourists are against the waterpark developments, an overwhelming majority. Many said they would never come back to Penticton if this waterpark is built. Many also said they return here year after year because entertainment at Skaha is free and yes there is lots to do in Penticton.

It seems the waterpark proposal misconceptions are from City Hall. We were told there were only four dragonboaters who issued a concern. Why then did the dragonboat members have a 64-signature petition against developments before any signing was done?

The mayor says 11 per cent of park’s green space will be used, but what about green space lost for the splash pad relocation to outside the lease  and the question about expanding parking into more green space?

There are so many other unanswered questions or grey areas.

With most competent communities, such as Okanagan Falls, looking to expand green space, how will this waterpark help expand our green space?

Even on the City of Penticton website it says: “Parks are an important element of Penticton’s superb quality of life, providing beauty and tranquility throughout our community.”

 The engineers, mayor and council must have missed this.

Clifford Martin