Put the slides on Super Valu lot

Dear Editor:

I can’t believe that city councillors still think that the citizens of Penticton will let them get away with destroying beautiful Skaha Lake Park. I therefore suggest a modest proposal (thank you Jonathan Swift) to solve this imbroglio.

In downtown Penticton, on Martin Street we have a long time vacant property that used to be the much lamented Super Valu. I know some dreamers wanted to put a 32 or 34-storey tower on this site but we can all see how well that turned out.

This rectangular property would be the perfect shape for waterslides. It even slopes slightly to the north so that gravity could do some of the work (thus minimising costs) to enhance the experience of the sliders. I’m sure the waterslide tower wouldn’t be high enough to interfere with air traffic (see 32-34 storey towers).

This would also support downtown Penticton as the parents of the sliders could check out all the stores while the young ones got wet. For the 21-year-olds, perhaps in the evening one slide could be extended down Martin Street so that they could swoosh right into their favourite establishments.

I also respectfully suggest that a small piece of this property stay as pay parking and then city council could have their ultimate wet dream: pay parking and a waterslide!

Tom Hoenisch