Put the Skaha Park issue to rest with a referendum

I attended the rally against development of Skaha Park and was amazed at the turnout. There really are some very passionate people in this city.

Both sides were present, with the “No” side being much more prevalent. From what I witnessed, the “No” side greatly outweighed the “Yes” side by about 40 to one. Mayor Jakubeit claims there is overwhelming support from the “silent majority.” Where were all the silent majority at the rally last night?

Mayor and council, you have no choice now but to listen to us, especially when there is a rumour that Mayor Jakubeit was overheard making a comment to the effect that council is pushing this through anyways. What a great attitude. Screw the people who hired you.

My mother (rest her soul) had a term for people like this. She would call them a “Pompous ass.” Mayor and council seem to forget they are supposed to represent the interests of the people of this city, not their own interests. Maybe frequent letters to the editor writer Elvena Slump could do some research to see if there is a way to impeach municipal politicians.

The mere fact that there is such overwhelming opposition to this plan coupled with the fact that mayor and council continue to be adamant about pushing this through gets my suspicious nature going and makes me wonder if maybe there isn’t something a little shady going on behind the scenes. Sorry, I’m funny that way.

Former Mayor Jake Kimberley said it best when he said “$30,000 can decide the outcome of this, and we can stop being a divided community.”

I have no problem having my tax dollars spent in this fashion when it comes to such an important issue. Let’s have a referendum and put this baby to rest once and for all. And this time, have more than one voting station, please.

Mark Billesberger