Put pathetic idea to rest for good

Dear Editor:

To the mayor, the city council, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and the Trio Marine Group wise men.

You have managed to unite the City of Penticton with your waterslide hare-brained idea. All of you should have been given a special invitation to the rather-happy gathering at the Rotary pavilion in Skaha Lake Park this past Sunday afternoon. Someone probably has a better idea than me as to how many people were in attendance but I would hazard a guess in the hundreds and not one of them spoke up in defense of your scheme to turn the park into a for-profit enterprise.

The lot of you don’t want to admit that Skaha Park belongs to the taxpayers of Penticton. The citizens of the city are demanding that their voice be heard before the park is handed over to a developer.

Whether or not it was the previous City administration or yourselves who agreed to keep details from the public before it was a signed deal, it still smells like, “Something is rotten in Denmark.”

Please put a stop to this before the community has to go through the expense of taking legal action to have this “behind closed doors” deal reversed.

The real irony is that the taxpayers would have to pay for both sides of anylitigation.

Please swallow some pride. Do the proper thing and put this pathetic idea to rest.

Roger Cormier