Public’s distrust at all time-high

Dear Editor:

For close to 60 years, the Penticton Herald has been delivered to my door.

In all those years, judging by the comments of the editor and the letters to the editor, I have never seen the people of Penticton so involved in City policy, so angry, so upset and so disappointed with our city council and especially with the arrogant attitude of our mayor.

In all this time I have never heard comments like: “I don’t read letters to the editor” coming from a mayor, or “I have no time to read comments in the paper” coming from a councillor. These people, our employees, are now hiring an “engagement officer” for $80,000 of our money to explain to them why we are so mad.

You want to get engaged with your employer, the people of Penticton? All you have to do is read the newspapers for a few days and you will soon learn what the people of Penticton demand of you and why they elected you.

It wouldn’t even cost you a penny, just a little common sense.

Since early last year our mayor and his obedient council have made one blunder after another, I’m only allowed 400 words otherwise I would name them all, but you all know what I’m talking about.

Mayor and council, please grab a brain, I hope you know where you went wrong and hope that you also know how to fix it, please do what the vast majority want you to do. Don’t touch Skaha Lake Park, forget about parking meters at all recreation areas.

If you need $450,000 hire one more police officer and have him/her full-time catching speeders. (I will give you the locations.)

I estimate it would bring in $1 million annually and we would have a much safer city.

Bernie Strohmann