Public wants answer Nov. 1

Dear Editor:

About a week or so ago I sent Mayor Andrew Jakubeit an e-mail asking him point blank what is going on with Trio Marine. I asked him if in fact they had met all of the requirements set out in the contract with the city of Penticton, stating that it was a yes or no question and they have had two weeks to review what Trio had submitted to the city.

In his return e-mail, the mayor stated that it was more complicated than yes or no, and because of the lawsuits pending with SSPS and Nelson Meikle, certain details could not be revealed. The political answer I was totally expecting.

My take is that had Trio met all of the requirements, this would have been front page news on Oct. 3 or soon thereafter.

Mayor Jakubeit assured me, however, that the public will know right around Halloween what the status is with Trio and what will happen from here.

Let’s hold him to that promise. If there is nothing in the media by the first of November, please e-mail the mayor and take him to task until we get an answer.

He may be reached at [email protected]

Mark Billesberger