Public rallies told the story

Public rallies told the story

Dear Editor:

Re: “Tired of all the naysayers” by Maureen Wood (Herald, Nov. 27).

Ms. Maureen Wood, you have a way of playing with the numbers. It’s unfortunate that in your comparison of the Save Skaha Park petition signers against the population of Penticton is a little misleading.

In your letter to The Herald you state the petition against paving over a beautiful green space received 6,000 signees while the population is 32,000.

How many of that 32,000 are babies, preschoolers, elementary, middle and high schoolers?

Actually, at this stage of the game, they are probably the only ones who think there are going to be waterslides there for more than a couple of years.

Then you complain about dogs relieving themselves on the green space. I have yet to see someone at the park not clean up after their dog. They remove the poop, surely you don’t want them to carry eyedroppers.

On a different note, what the heck has Peach Tree Mall, Cherry Lane Shopping Centre, the SOEC, UBC, and the Penticton Lakeside Resort got to do with paving over our park?

The aforementioned developments didn’t destroy a beautiful park and the developers didn’t ask for some free land to develop on. These developers want to make a buck with our park.

You say there is plenty of room for everybody. There is plenty of room elsewhere to put your development, waterslides, condos, hotel or whatever we end up with.

The count on the yes/no rallies were 1,000 for no and 100 for yes.

Jack Goode