Public doesn’t trust this council

Dear Editor:

 It’s time that council finally trust the electorate.

After reading all the news articles and letters to the editor on Skaha Park, the council reports, Trio Marines’ website, etc. it seems to me that city council just does not trust the electorate to make informed, dispassionate and rational decisions.

The lack of trust becomes more obvious with the news coverage of the appointments for the Parks and Recreation master plan committee.

From all of this, my conclusion is that council basically thinks that ordinary citizens are too poorly informed to choose wisely.

This and future councils need to build better continuous feedback loops between citizens so they deliver public services more effectively, efficiently and consistently with citizen views. A social accountability mechanism like this makes it possible to help build support for wise policies and investments in our community.

If council will trust the people that elect them, it will directly contribute to building citizens’ trust in an institution like city council.

Wayne Llewellyn