Profit sharing makes no sense

Profit sharing makes no sense

I’m pleased to hear that we on this side of the river are going to work in concert with the Penticton Indian Band in the future, and I think that the PIB has been doing a great job in developing its economic

situation over the past several years. I would question however the transfer of casino revenue to the PIB when our taxes are going up significantly.

It seems that under the current tax guidelines and deferments to the PIB they are doing well. I’m sure I may not have all of the facts and of course I am not a financial professional as our mayor and councilors are, but I still find it a bit odd to be giving away revenue that could help our community to grow as the politicians like to say.

Being the devil’s advocate here, if Mr. Jakubeit is setting out on the political path of some of his predecessors, looking to climb the provincial or federal ladder, he has certainly increased his voting base with this move.

I just hope this “partnership” will not soften the PIB’s position on the Skaha Lake Park disaster.

Gord McLaren