Process leaves terrible stink

Dear Editor:

Great work by The Herald in compiling the Penticton casino facts.

The parties involved justified the actions taken as a good result for the City. Yet the same parties — city council and the BCLC in particular — seem to have been very obstructive in responding to the requests for information about their dealings with the Penticton Indian Band.

The whole process ends up leaving a bad smell behind. Even worse, it seems as though we all have to recover the money ($160,000 annually) that city council has promised the PIB by having to pay for the privilege of parking at our own publicly- owned beaches. Add this to several bad decisions made by our current city council.

Hopefully The Herald will delve into the dealings made privately which resulted in the big giveaway at Skaha Lake Park. If that whole situation ever becomes public, it will really result in one huge stink.

John McLeod