Poor track record on developments

Dear Editor:

First of all, I am now used to a feeling of pure outrage at City Council.

I voted for intelligent, informed, progressive individuals who had the best interests of the community at heart and had some kind of basic grasp of the democratic process.

Apparently not.

These individuals do not appear to be able to grasp the fundamental rules of democracy. Nor do they have any apparent knowledge the history of this community, and in particular our relationship to our beloved parks. That I chalk up to sheer laziness and lack of due diligence.

Rainbow crosswalks are not going to fix this.

I can no longer trust any council member or the mayor to act on my behalf or in the best interests of the community. They have collectively behaved with utter contempt and complete disregard for the wishes of the electorate.

I feel  pure disgust at the reaction of said mayor and Council, cheerleading for a five -storey waterslide in Skaha Lake Park.    Maybe the more gullible amongst us (obviously City Council and those easily distracted by cheap plastic toys) can be entertained by the thought of four 60-foot towers replacing the memorial trees and the gorgeous green space.

I am hugely disappointed and very alarmed at the haste of this project. What has been the huge rush to do this? Why has the lease been signed in so quickly?

Where is the leadership in Penticton? Quiet little Summerland has managed to obtain a grant for major bike path upgrades.

We cannot trust mayor and Council to fully understand  something as full of probable loopholes and dense legal language of a complex lease arrangement of this sort.

The track record of previous councils has been absolutely dismal when it comes to arrangements concerning public land.    Isn’t the hockey dorm fiasco about to go to trial? And how about the class action lawsuit pending over the terrible choice (a previous council’s decision) of tile for the deck at the Community Centre Pool?  Recently we’ve been presented with a proposal to put a new hotel and casino on another park, fortunately with a covenant on it, the proposed BMX track on farmland and not to mention the PenMar project, slowly rotting away on Martin Street.

Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice in Wonderland would have said. Only this is more like Blunderland.

Laurel Burnham