Poor return on the dollar

Dear Editor:

Our wise fathers purchased houses to expand Skaha Park which is now the park for generations to enjoy.

Council stated that they will purchase more park land with the money generated from the water slide operations. Let’s look at the return to the taxpayer on our park land.

Today it costs over $2 million to buy a 40-foot waterfront lot. The park land lost in this lease would be equivalent at least 10 lots with a total cost of $20 million!

Council stated that we will buy more park land from the revenue sharing from the water slides.  My guess is that we would be lucky to get $10,000 a year from the operation. So the 30-year lease would generate $300,000.

I am truly disappointed in the decisions being made by council. The lack of council members with significant business experience is sadly lacking today. I am not sure that Penticton can survive four years of this.

Council, it is time to be open with the taxpayers and tell us what is really going on.

Ray Strafehl