Poor judgment at City Hall

Dear Editor:

Poor judgment continues at Penticton City Hall but is the the elected officials or the senior staff we should blame?

Parking meters, they believe, will create more funds for more bling projects, but at whose expense?

Yes, some tourists, especially when they exceed the paid-metered time and have a fine that leaves a negative vibe to this beautiful city.

But who will suffer most?

Residents and nearby locals as they will use their facilities and beaches far less to avoid paid parking.

Is it possible the City actually wants fewer locals to use public places so in the future it may say, “They are now under-utilized and commercial development is the only answer?”

We are quick to blame mayor and council for approving such negative additions to this beloved city, but who is really to blame?

Do we indeed have select senior staff and planners (extraordinary salespeople ) that have their own personal agenda to modernize/build their own city, disrespectful of the public and what would be in the best interests of the local public?

Even the needed downtown revitalization was a disappointment. The wider sidewalks and addition of trees were a good idea, but the negative colour choice of bricks and the ridiculous raised intersections have only provided entertainment value watching cars bounce over them.

This was not intelligent thinking. This is big city thinking.

Tourist towns and small tourist cities suit a heritage look far better.Worst to come is that they even want to modernize the Sicamous Heritage Park.

Do they even care what the public thinks?

I was personally told by a senior staff on the Skaha Park issue, “I don’t read the

papers, it is always the same few writing letters to the editor” — a fine example of the importance of public input!

It seems they don’t have the capability to respect public opinion.

Look at source of the division of the public over Skaha Lake Park, Okanagan Lakeshore Development, future Sicamous development, wanting to reduce public facilities, develop public land/parks. etc.

Phone City Hall and ask who is responsible for these blunders and you will have not only the source of public versus city outrages, but who the public should be demanding an immediate resignation.

This is scary.

Clifford Martin