Plug the meters

Take a drive around the downtown residential areas. Look at the new developments. Rules for setbacks are thrown out to sell building permits.

Some places have no front yards or no side yards or no backyard or no yard at all. Seems more and more people don’t  have  a yard  to enjoy. Now tell people they don’t need the quiet green space provided by Skaha Lake Park. Soon we will be able to plug the meter and take the family to the parks.

In the Jan 20 edition of the  Western News (letters to the editor, social media sound off section), Gail Scott, managing director, Destination Osoyoos  wrote, “I would like to bring attention to a misrepresentation. Mayor Jakubeit noted that Osoyoos has paid parking along their beaches. This is not true. We have no paid parking along our beaches as confirmed by the Town of Osoyoos. We are in the business of providing our visitors an exceptional experience and not paying for parking at the beach is one of them.”

Too bad that wasn’t the aim of the City of Penticton. That would even be nice for the taxpayers, an exceptional experience emanating from city hall.

Lynn Crassweller