Please stop lease of Skaha Park

A year ago we moved to Penticton from the rainy north.  We delight in its natural surroundings and amazing weather.

Due to previous visits, we knew the area where we wanted to live: within walking distance of Skaha Park.  It is a wonderful green space to delight in nature and to bring our visiting grandchildren. We walk to the beautiful lake several times a week.  We have never seen any of the people there (from the very young to the senior) who are not enjoying themselves. No one is asking for more.

We were shocked to learn, shortly after moving here, that the city was planning to lease a large portion of the park for commercial purposes. When we attended the relevant council meeting we heard the developer state that he had no financial backers at that time, the lease must come first. Obviously, the developer knows the lease is where the value is, and not the waterslide, which could be built at any location.

Once a lease is in place at Skaha Park for a seasonal waterslide, the case can be made for a more profitable hotel.

At our former home in Terrace there is a large, natural hot spring. Next to it sits a decrepit, decaying waterslide from the 1980s, which now ruins the natural beauty of the hot springs. As Penticton already knows from the past, it is legally difficult, and costly, to remove unfinished or unprofitable fixed assets.

Please stop, it is simply wrong.

Wanda and Eric Kerby