Please don’t pave paradise

Dear Editor:

Re: Penticton needs growth by Crystal Olson (Hearld, July 14).

As a senior, we seem to be missing something here regarding the loss of pristine park land to a water slide. Ms. Olson paints a very lovely picture of her daughter, her friend’s teenage kids, nieces and nephews enjoying such wonderful activities that will replace the park area.

What extra activities will everyone be enjoying?

We understand that some activities will be lost and replaced by a water slide which, by the way, won’t come free. The free activities that you can now enjoy will be lost to a monstrous plastic piece of equipment which will cost you an arm and a leg to use.

How many families do you know, yours included, who will be able to afford $25 per day (or thereabouts) to use? How do you tell your daughter and her friends that you can’t afford for them to use this slide every day?

It would appear that you now have a lot of things for your kids to do at no cost to you. And you want to replace all that with something that will only be used three months of the year?

How many out-of-towners do you know who will only come to Penticton because of the water slide? I doubt that you know any.   Also, what kind of jobs do you think this water slide is going to provide for your daughter when she grows up. To quote: “She can get a job there and have fun, again learn more life skills that she wouldn’t get sitting on the green space” as well as the teens who are “just sitting on their phones on the beach or bored so they start drinking and doing other negative activities.”

I’ve never heard of anything so ridiculous. This won’t stop the teens from drinking or doing other negative activities either!   Guaranteed that the water slide won’t be there when your daughter reaches working age anyhow.

I would think that as a young mother, you would welcome the fun kids can have by playing in a park, wading pool, swings, slides, and other amenities provided by our City.

Don’t pave paradise and put up a waterslide!

Mavis Creech