Pleads with Trio, withdraw project

Dear Editor:

Open letter to Trio (whoever you are):

This letter is to ask you to withdraw your application to build a waterslide in Skaha Lake Park.  Just because you can do something does not necessarily mean you should do it.

I request that, in the spirit of compassion and good citizenship, you withdraw your application for a water slide. Compassion is for the people who planted trees to honour their deceased loved ones and for the people who fear losing the peaceful green space of the park.

Citizenship is your recognition of the divisiveness and distress the water slide has produced, to say nothing of the long-term damage a lawsuit will bring our city.

Should the water slide aspect of your proposal proceed, my family will protest the only way it can. We will boycott your businesses. We alone are but 10 but multiplied by the legions who have petitioned you to cease, we will become many indeed.

In closing I implore you to listen to your civic and humanitarian voices and give up the plan for the water slide.

Bruce Smith