Picton is the one not “engaged”

Dear Editor:

If our wise and wonderful mayor and city council want to find out if Penticton residents are “engaged” I have a simple solution.

Instead of spending $85,000 of taxpayers’ cash on what will basically be an image consultant, put the money towards an early municipal election.

Although I have not spoken with Nelson Meikle, or the Save Skaha Park representatives, I get the feeling they would cease all legal proceedings and save Penticton tax payers a bundle of cash on (at least) two court battles, and a possible referendum.

This cash,combined with the $85,000 could be used to cover the cost of the election. We could also find out if we really need an image consultant by comparing the number of people that vote to the number that voted in the last election.

I dare you.

To Coun. Max Picton who informs us that he has no interest in following the local newspapers, you are the one who is disengaged.

From my viewing, you sir are the one who is disengaged because taxpayers clearly do not support spending $85,000 on an engagement officer.

Mayor Jakubeit, do me a favour.

At the next council meeting, lean over Coun. Picton’s shoulder and whisper the following: “You are misinformed and disengaged.”

George Murai