PIB still best spot for slides

Dear Editor:

We applaud James Miller for coming up with the most viable solution to the Skaha Lake Park waterslide issue putting it on the PIB lands next to the channel at Green Avenue (Herald, July 20).

Indeed it would be a great commercial venture for the PIB and it would also be more visible to traffic than the proposed site…. a definite win-win situation for all who are involved.

We old farts who are criticized for not being able to look ahead at the huge benefits this venture will bring to Penticton, will be able to keep our valued park land for our quiet and free enjoyment.   Obviously that’s not an issue for the younger folks of our fair city as their cash flow must not be much of a problem.

I apologize for not doing more homework on the plans set out by the Trio Marine Group before writing my previous letter, as we were under the false impression that the construction was going to affect the parkland to the west.   However, I do wish Crystal Olson a lot of luck in securing the employment she’s envisioning even though it will be short term… probably four months work if she’s lucky (Herald, July 21).

Ms. Olson is definitely being swayed by the movie, “Field of Dreams” and the “build it and they will come” vision.  I still don’t see where folks in Edmonton for instance will make a special trip to Penticton because of our waterslide or our friends/relatives at the coast either for that matter.

A short trip to the Vernon water slide next week isn’t a fair comparison.

By the way, where do her friends and family live?    I’m sure they’re not very far away where they wouldn’t be coming here to have a visit with her anyway and maybe use the water slide as well.

What guarantee does she have that campers and visitors to Penticton will use them as she mentions in her letter. She must be blessed with far-sightedness.   I think Ms.Olson and I will just have to agree to disagree… sort of the old way of looking at things compared with the younger outlook.

I thank her for her response to my letter even though her comments were just a touch laced with sarcasm.

Mavis Creech