Pentictonites need to rally at the rally

We’ve taken to expanding our evening walk around our neighbourhood.

We’ve discovered yards lush with veggies and flowers. Yards  with toys or cats or intricate designs. Chatter and laughter comes  from  some backyards and others offer only empty silence.

When you walk, you get a peek at peoples’ dreams. On one street, very loud, live music blared. “Good stuff” we told Cosmic Brew. They thanked us and we walked on. A man, we will call him William, was working in his yard, he had removed quite a bit of grass to save money on water. He told us he was disappointed, he had voted for some of those on council and couldn’t understand their lack of common sense. We asked if he would attend the rally on Sept. 6. at city hall.  “No” he said, “I just grumble.”

The younger generation hit “ like” on Facebook, the older generation “just grumble.” One does as much good as the other. If you are like William and just grumble to city hall,  phone the mayor and council  at 250-490-2400.

As for the rally, it does not matter who organized it. What does matter is why. If you are against the commercialization of Skaha Park come to the rally  on Sept. 6 at 4:45 at  City Hall. And maybe, just maybe, you may even run into William.

Lynn Crassweller