Penticton: Lawsuit City

Dear Editor:

We are given to believe that the name Penticton has come to mean “a place to stay forever.” The tourist info, including

signage and travel blogs tout this on a regular basis. Mayor and council expound on this whenever and wherever they can to sell Penticton to the tourists. With that in mind, I wonder what the response from tourists would be if there were to be a name change.

There is so much information that tourists and some locals are not aware of because the “powers that be” don’t feel inclined to share this info. Much of it is based on unilateral decision making and for the most part, done covertly. Would it make a difference if tourists knew?

Quite possibly. Hence, nothing is said except for info shared on social media.

In the last few months, the new administration has shown disdain for the taxpayers by not listening to their concerns for decisions made. Of course, I make reference to such things as Skaha Lake Park; Trio developmental plan; Slide the City and the developmental plan to add paid parking to many public areas (including parks and beaches).

Along with these issues come such things as dealing with legal issues surrounding a former fire chief and the arbitration award to firefighters.

In light of all of this and the seemingly “don’t give a damn about the electorate’s wishes,” perhaps it is time for the city to consider a name change.

Based on current legal issues that the city finds itself in, I would propose that the name Penticton be replaced by “Lawsuit City.” It would be unique as I am led to believe that no other city or town in B.C. is being sued by itself. The legal issues centre around (just to name a few):

-Skaha parkland re-development issues

-Arbitration award given to firefighters

-Proposed parking fee implementation in and around public parks and beaches

The cash-strapped city is looking for ways and means to boost its coffers. All this at the expense of taxpayers or tourists and seems to be of little consequence.

If the name change were to happen, just think of the impact of hearing how Lawsuit City instead of Penticton might have an effect on tourism and local taxpayers. Of course, my thoughts here are just folly and tongue in cheek.

However, the pundits at No. 171 Main in their “ivory tower” should start listening (for a change) to possibly avoid the actions of the “Swiffer Sweeper” next election!

Ron Barillaro