Penticton council needs to engage with the public

Why does council not engage directly with the public?

Do the mayor and council not listen when the public speaks loudly at council meetings, at rallies and through the local media?

Are the open houses, online questionnaires and telephone questionnaires simply window dressing with the results going nowhere?

This council appears to lack the ability to respond to the citizens who speak as loudly as possible in as many ways as we can find.

One councillor has stated he does not read the local news media; yet he voted for an $85,000 contract for an engagement officer.  Let paid staff look after it?

How can a $30,000 referendum regarding the contracting of space in public parks be too expensive when an $85,000 contract is not?

How can council contemplate hiring an engagement officer prior to budget deliberations for 2017?

Can the mayor and council not see that an $85,000 contract announced at the same time as planned paid parking on our public beaches, plus a reminder to us that large facility upgrades are needed, will bring strong opposition from the public?

Cancel the Trio Marine contract. Parks are for the enjoyment of all citizens and our children and grandchildren

Forget paid parking at the beaches. Get out and look around; see how many happy families,  locals and visitors are enjoying the parks and beaches for which Penticton is famous.

No to an engagement officer. Start engaging with the public yourselves.

Bill and Doreen Bobbitt