Penticton City Council

Dear Editor:

Park, what park? Who needs to keep precious green space?

Expensive (extended medical and dental benefits for mayor and council members)

Non-caring about what Penticton really is and what it means to people

Tax increases because of unnecessary spending

Infrastructure upgrades — whatever for?

Cocky (push their ideas through, no matter what)

Tacky and frivolous (canopy lighting on Main Street)

Out of control — unnecessary spending (100 block Main Street)

Not enough finances, but somehow enough for non-essentials.

Carefree with taxpayers’ money (it’s not councillors’ money that’s being spent)


Trustworthy and transparent — not!

Y don’t they use their heads and common sense?

Careless: Tourists are councillors’ main concerns, not the citizens of Penticton

Oblivious to their constituents’ concerns

Unwilling to listen to reason.

No need to worry about firefighters fair pay… who needs them away?

Clouds, where there heads are

Ill-conceived and ill-advised plans — no due-diligence done on proposed projects (proposed hotel by the SOEC).

Lucky that there are no recall for City Council members… yet!

Talk about “wow” factors to put Penticton on the map.

Here’s hoping 2016 will be a more thoughtful and beneficial year for Penticton and its citizens!


Kathy Krenn