Penticton be more Pollyanna

Dear Editor:

Spent a lovely four hours at the beach, people watching, dog watching, sandcastle building and in general a wholesome memorable time at the lake. There were many people there enjoying our beautiful natural resource, some having packed picnic lunches, others bringing in take-out, and yet others using the existing food outlets available. We are so fortunate to have this for our utilization!

We can put the waterslides on another location, as on PIB lands if they approve, and therefore giving the portion of the population, locals or otherwise, who feel the waterslides would be an asset, their wish. Let’s be more Pollyanna, and if it’s not broken, don’t wreck what is dear to so many of us. Think I’ll take my visitors to our bit of paradise when they arrive next week. I am sure it will be a very positive experience for us all!

Raymond Stewart