Peachfest great, so are our parks

Dear Editor:

I spent some time down at the park enjoying everything that Peachfest offered. Every resident of Penticton can be proud of what we have to offer to our families and friends that visited. I am sure every business in the city is smiling. The vendors in the park supplied excellent snacks, food and refreshments for a very reasonable cost. Thank you.

A big thank you to all our sponsors (and I hope they are mentioned over and over) and of course all the volunteers, not to mention how hard our Peachfest committee must work all year to put on such a five-day free show.

Did you notice how busy our beaches were? If you were at Peachfest Wednesday night did you notice there was hardly room for another chair? Every night the park was full. A friend and I went kayaking on Skaha Lake Sunday morning. Hardly enough room to get our kayaks in the lake

We cannot afford to lose an inch of park space. We must save Skaha Lake Park. We must let our mayor know. We must support the people who are working so hard to save the park. We must save our parks for generations to come.We do not want to lose our tourists because of lack of park space

And, oh yes not to mention the horror of thinking of putting in parking meters.

I am willing to do what it takes to save our parks. Are you? Speak up Penticton now.

Bea Dunkley