Paying bill to lose parkland

Dear Editor:

Re: The 176-page contract between Trio and Penticton.

The following quote between Trio Marine and the City of Penticton was taken from: Legal Costs Associated with This Agreement (Page 130, Heading 29.1).

“Penticton shall be responsible for paying the first $10,000 in Penticton legal fees associated with creating the term sheet, this agreement and the Skaha Marina – Marina Development Agreement.

Any Penticton legal fees over and above $10,000 shall be shared on a equal basis between Penticton and Trio.”  Apparently, the taxpayer is funding a large portion of the contract to privatize their own park.

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You will find the history as well as the current agreement between the City and Trio. After viewing the schematics and artist renderings, the reader will be left with a clear vision of what is in store for Skaha Lake Park including giving exclusive rights to Trio to control the entire beach, walkway and a wide-strip lawn all the way from the marina boat ramp to the first house on South Beach Drive, (Exclusion Area, Schedule C,Page 50).

The only way to stop the privatization of Skaha Lake Park is with a legal challenge as the mayor and council are not going to vote for a referendum.

C. Otto Knaak