Pay Trio off and let’s start over

Dear Editor:

Are you kidding me city hall? This new smokescreen agreement still leases out the park less the splash pad.

Section A of the Skaha enhanced lease clearly shows the same section of Skaha Park being leased less the splash pad. What part of no loss of green space and leave our park alone don’t you understand? Ahh right, I forgot, you don’t read the newspapers and have no idea what is going on in your city.

I am extremely curious as to why senior staff, mayor and council are still full speed ahead with such public disapproval of leasing parkland and from a company that has questionable finances. Part of the agreement is waiving the $38,601 rent and taxes for 2016.

This is November and this has still not been paid by Trio.

What would the city do if your property taxes were $38,601 in arrears? No city on this planet is this dumb to continue/ pursue with a business that cannot even pay current obligations.

Are they assuming they will find investors for these projects?

And speaking of finances, how much in wages and expenses has the city of Penticton spent on this new lease? How much on legal fees to date? How can the public obtain this information?

Which senior staff is responsible for these leases against public wishes ? And why, why, why don’t we just pay Trio off for which the mayor quoted as $200,000 and put an end to all this?

Bam, done, no deal, and the park left as a park for which it was originally intended. Such a small price to pay to have community peace and beautiful park as it in this community.

Sorry Bob the Builder, Skaha Lake Park does not need a facelift. It is already perfect.

Clifford Martin