Parks owned by citizens, not Trio

Dear Editor:

Penticton has, in my opinion, the worst mayor and council in all of Canada.

Name me another mayor who would say “yes” in Canada to giving up part of a lakeside park to commercial development. Mayors and councils in all of Canada would cry out for our parks in Penticton, they wouldn’t destroy them.

We have heard nothing but “more green space needed” in this environment and we have it!

By all means build a waterslide and miniature golf course in Penticton. There is lots of unused property crying out to be purchased for commercial use in our town — go for it!

As this mayor and council has said, Trio Marine will replace the dragon boat shed and the Rotary Splash Pad into other parts of our Skaha Lake Park so that will use up even more green space.

Our parks are owned by the citizens of Penticton.

So this mayor and councillors have walked the park and say it is “under-utilized.” I walk there all the time and see people of every age using the park at all times of the day and night.

Skaha Lake Park is our park and we want a referendum. Do the mayor and councillors care about this city?

The City’s website says, “Working together for us!” Prove it.

Kathy Larsson