Parks make our city liveable

Dear Editor:

I find the Carlene George’s letter, “Slides will Save Schools” (Herald, Oct. 20), a stretch.

What evidence does she have of families moving out of Penticton because the children have nothing to do. To begin with parks are but one place people choose to recreate.

There are a host of activities sponsored by the city, school and youth groups that engage children of all ages.

Penticton Community Centre has a magnificent swimming pool. The city park system has soccer, rugby and football pitches, baseball diamonds, hockey arenas, skate board parks and tennis and basketball courts.

Within the Skaha Park there are two childrens’ playgrounds, a water park, sand volleyball and tennis courts, and basketball hoops, a slo pitch diamond, a ball hockey court and exercise stations.

The Penticton Racing Canoe club and Dragon Boat Society sponsor paddling programs for children and young people. And isn’t just swimming or sunbathing at Skaha Lake something you can do?

Most of these activities are free or minimal in cost.

What we don’t have in Penticton are many parks with lawns, tall shade trees, open vistas and a green space to relax or gather for social contact.

Green space is an attribute of all liveable cities and makes it appealing for people to come and live.

I think of Stanley Park in Vancouver, or having just visited Saskatoon and Ottawa, the beautiful parks along the rivers there, and consider how they add to the life in these cities. Waterslides can be built anywhere, not in Skaha Park.

Don’t destroy a slice of what makes Penticton such a liveable city.

Sonya Quamme