Parking will be major concern

Dear Editor:

“Pave paradise and put in a parking lot.”  Yes, it has been said before but if one

considers the number of paying customers that would be using the water slide if the income estimates are accurate, the parking lot will have to be quite massive.

Trio and Mr. Jakubeit have “conservatively” estimated income of $500,000 per annum from the water slide. Assuming a cost of $25 per person, and doing a small calculation, Trio will need between 1,500 to 2,000 users every day in a season of four to five months. The hoped-for income is wildly optimistic, however if this does happen,  there will be a major parking issue.

Presently there are 300 free parking stalls (not counting the boat parking of the present marina) next or near the east end of Skaha Park and these are almost 100 per cent occupied during the summer months.  How large does a parking lot have to be to accommodate this large number of additional paying users of the slide and the expanded marina/restaurant?

Yes, Mr. Jason Cox, president of the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce, “…blades of grass and trees are not the only use of parks.” Now we can have a large cement parking lot instead and likely not for free.

Mr. Cox also claimed in his interview with The Herald of Aug. 15, that there are “many examples in the public park spaces that have been leased for private enterprise.” We would like to ask him how many have a 29-year lease on an extensive prime land on the waterfront ?

Anyone who sees the extent of the parkland that has been leased by our mayor and his council will realize how short sighted and sad is their view of the park.

Citizens of Penticton, if this ridiculous lease is not rescinded, please donate at Valley First Credit Union, Save Skaha Park Fund, for further legal action against this deal.

Bruce and Margarita Nodwell