Park should be free to all

Dear Editor:

Maureen Wood, in her letter (Herald, Dec 7) warns against “misinformation  contained in letters to the editor” about Trio’s waterslide development, but then appears to misinform us herself.

Wood states that Trio can only charge for waterslide use but “cannot deny access to the area or charge for its use”. This is very likely wrong as the waterpark lease area is to be gated and surrounded by a fence. This is obvious from architect’s renderings of the area which readers can view for themselves on pages 22, 24, 34, 36 and 37 of the Skaha Lake Development presentation on the City’s own web site. (Visit: waterslide-fence.)

Wood’s mention of LocoLandingAdventurePark as an example of a privately-owned enterprise on City land does nothing to strengthen the argument for building waterslides in SkahaPark.

LocoLanding is also surrounded by a fence to keep the non-paying public out, and, as Wood states, was built without a referendum. It therefore sets a horrible precedent.

Like Gary Denton (Herald, Dec 1), I also wish to see City-owned parkland to be free for all to use and enjoy.

Drew Makepeace