Park land shell game by council

Dear Editor:

Most  people have heard of the term “shell game.” By dictionary definition it refers to three nutshells and a pea that are used to parlay a bet or wager.

I choose to look at the game definition in another way as: “A deceptive and evasive action or ploy, especially a political one.” Mayor and council have moved the shells so many times that even they don’t seem to know what shell the pea is under. Deception, control and sleight of hand

tactics appear to be the order of the day.

This is evident in that the City pundits seemed to have abrogated any laws or prescribed resolutions attributable to parkland use and development. The following info (quote June 29, 2015 from PDF –City of Penticton 9.9MB page 130).

It is interesting to note that parts of a legal (notarized) agreement have been made with spelling errors that a fifth or sixth grade student would pick up.

Quote: 29.0     “Legal Costs and Communication to Public” (Hmm… I wonder if they meant “communication.”)

29.1 “Penticton shall be responsible for paying the first $10,000 in Penticton legal fees associated with creating the term sheet, this agreement and the Skaha Marina — Marina Development Agreement. Any Penticton legal fees over and above $10,000 shall be shared on an equal basis between Penticton and Trio.” (Note: It seems rather odd to pay legal fees for parkland development that already exists.)

29.2 “Penticton and Trio agree that it would beneficial to work together on communicating the benefits of this Agreement to the public and shall work collaboratively in all communications to the public about this Agreement.”

Hmm… somewhere along the line these two clauses, while under the shell, so to speak, were not under any shell. This (29.2) might be considered a “so what clause.” I don’t seem to recall much in the way of communication from anyone until after the deal was inked… do you?

In retrospect, I am going to recommend that City Council be hired by Buckerfields in their fertilizer division (bagging department), with the mayor as president, as the fertilizer that they are presently spreading here stinks!

Ron Barillaro