Park land could become condos

Dear Editor:

That was quite the dog and pony show as the mayor and his band of, well, we’ll leave that alone as no need to get personal, and the irate citizens of what was once a beautiful little city.

Now, according to one reader, it’s going to be a “ghetto for seniors.” Imagine some poor senior waking up and crying “they dropped our $300,000 condo in the middle of a ghetto.” I’ve been looking for the letter but no luck. I would suggest the reader look up the meaning on the word “ghetto.”

Can you believe that not pumping up a couple of plastic slides, at the cost of the ninth most beautiful park in Canada, will slide us into a ghetto?

They moved a few greedy grabs around, such as the concession stand lease being given to Trio, a gift of the dragonboat shed, and from what little we’ve been told, part of the beach.

Why were the present operators of the concession stand shown the door? Where are they going to house the dragonboats or is this another Penticton loss?

Remember when people used to camp out on Highway 97, both north and south, and money was being spent in local small businesses? Penticton was a family destination for holidays. We had raft races down the channel and companies would put together fantastic rafts, some water cannons and people had high-powered water guns and they fire at each other from the bridges and the rafts.

We had community spirit. We weren’t trying to be Kelowna South.

One reader commented that Trio has had nothing to say. Why would they? Once their greasy toe is in the door they will slowly

wiggle in the rest of the foot and we’ll be on our way to condos, complete with marina, beachfront property and any other toys and rides they can slowly slide in.

From their body language and snickering at the Nov. 23 public meeting, I got the impression they had a signed deal in their back pocket and they were laughing at us ghetto dwellers.

Please, take your hustle somewhere else. Imagine how your family will feel if the protests, that are sure to come, are splashed across the evening news complete with names and photos.

Jack Goode