Park fiasco began under then-mayor Dan Ashton

Dear Editor:

The Skaha Park fiasco was started on Dan Ashton’s watch. According to Tom Dyas from Trio Marina — “we’ve been working on this for five years now.” That takes us back to December 2011, right about the time Ashton was beginning his second term as mayor of Penticton.

I think it’s imperative that Ashton, now our MLA, step in and help to unwind the deal with Trio and kick them out of Penticton. At least 10,000 signatures are on file as this is a very bad deal!

Mr. Ashton, don’t push it back by saying it’s a civic matter. You and the premier caused a big problem by mandating four-year council terms. You’re not doing yourself a favour by being mute on the subject.

Staying quiet just implicates you more.

Provincial elections are near, and our elected representative better make some sounds. The Skaha Lake Park issue is fracturing Penticton and its surrounding area.

Georges & Cheryl Jansen