Other cities buy, not sell, park land

Dear Editor:

We are extremely disappointed with current mayor and council in the decisions they make supposedly for the good of the community. Council appears to be out of tune with the citizens of Penticton.

We support efforts to improve the community, support local business, create a positive atmosphere for its citizens and tourists, but not at the cost of parkland.

It is beyond us and we cannot get our minds around the decision to lease out difficult-to-obtain parkland for a waterslide. We are not against a waterslide but not on park land. I have spent a number of years in the service of a major city in B.C. in a senior position. The struggle always was to secure more park land and this was done at a cost to the city (market value property). Yet, here is one of the most desirable cities in B.C. — if not the country — and council arbitrarily decides to lease out parkland along the lake without consultation with the taxpayers!

Do the right thing, stand up and admit your error and reverse council’s motions.

While I am writing, reconsider the parking meters initiative. Study the demographics of your citizens and the hardship a parking charge would be to the large percentage of seniors who park at the beach and walk for their enjoyment and exercise.

Lex Hagen