Oracle poll proves what we already knew

Dear Editor:

Well, well, well, 79 per cent of Pentictonites are against wrecking Skaha Lake Park to erect a totally unwanted waterslide (Herald, Oct. 18).

First of all I would like to thank Mr. James Miller and the Penticton Herald for hiring Oraclepoll Research to poll the residents of Penticton whether they were in favour of a waterslide in the park or not. We all knew it from the beginning, the vast majority love the park and don’t want anyone to touch it. Well as it is proven now with a scientific, independent poll — 79 per cent agree with us, even the younger people.

How about that Mayor Andrew Jakubeit? Is he now going to tell Trio that they did not fulfill the obligations of the contract and send them packing or is he still going to court to spend more of our money to get his own way?

I can’t wait till Friday morning when the poll reveals the mayor’s approval rate.

Bernie Strohmann