Open letter to Trio Marine Group from Save Skaha Park Society

It has been reported in the media that Trio Marine Group and Save Skaha Park Society (SSPS) should talk. Simply stated, there is nothing for us to talk about with you, the developer. Our relationship as taxpayers is with the City. But we do have a message for you.

We have been clear from the beginning that we are opposed to commercialization of our beautiful and natural Skaha Park and wish to keep it freely accessible to all. We oppose any commercialization that is not consistent with or ancillary to the role of a natural park, without approval of the electorate.

Why do you persist in pursuing what will surely be a non-viable operation when over 5200 Penticton residents and over 3100 non-residents and tourists alike have signed petitions stating they are opposed to it?

Why would you be interested in investing in a tainted project when faced with overwhelming opposition that virtually dooms any chance of its success?

Save Skaha Park Society and its membership are not going away. We are targeting a goal of 10,000 members in our society and we have outreach events planned into the summer. We are well funded and we will see this through to the end. Even if this ill conceived project were to proceed, we pledge to continue to oppose it at every stage and in any legal way that is available to us.

It’s not over.


Save Skaha Park Society