Once gone, it’s gone

Dear Editor:

Out of  respect for her family, I did not use Carlene George’s name when I referenced her idea that paving over parks would attract families to our little city.

Say that to yourself slowly.

We eliminate parks to attract young families. Inflatable slides (read-easily removed) are going to save our schools. Families will flock here. Did you hear Penticton has a couple of water slides? They seem to be taking

advantage of any possible space to build high-end facilities but, hey, those water slides.

First, Ms. George, my reference to the toe in the door was to do with the destruction on the park. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Let Trio stick their big toe in someone else’s park. This one took to long and many man hours to put together.

I’m not old fashioned, I just don’t believe any good can come from kids hanging out. Get outside and actually do something with them. Soccer, baseball, swimming, skiing, hiking, camping. I could go on and on but you get the drift.

Or, they can hang out with a bunch of kids you’ve never met and why would they need waterslides to hang out?

The silliest thing you say is that you think a $2 donation to help save a park from developers compares to the (possibly) $25 entrance fee to a slide that will get stale pretty darn quick.

The toe in the door started when the moorage at Okanagan Lake was not renewed. Why have a marina on an 80-mile long lake when you can have one on a 12- mile long lake?

You say you were born and raised here. The lack of water slides didn’t drive the family away to greener pastures. You almost sound like an employee of Trio.

Jack Goode