Nothing to discuss

Dear Editor:

Save Skaha Park Society can see no justification for Mayor Jakubeit’s comment that Trio needs to meet with the society, “to discuss some concerns and if there are any opportunities for resolution.”

The agreement to lease away 20 per cent of Skaha Lake Park in order to construct a waterslide was signed by the City and Trio. Save Skaha Park Society was not part of the agreement and did not sign it.

Trio is merely the company to whom the City has leased land for a waterslide in order to fulfill the City’s plan to commercially develop Skaha Lake Park. Save Skaha Park Society (SSP) represents thousands of citizens who oppose commercial development of publicly owned parkland.

There is nothing to discuss with Trio.

The mayor is well aware that SSP’s concerns are the commercialization of part of Skaha Lake Park without approval of the electorate and that the City must take the lead in resolving the community issues this has created. This latest statement by the mayor is inappropriate and looks suspiciously like an attempt to deflect responsibility.

Lisa Martin

Save Skaha Park Society